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Humility and Exaltation (August 2004)
The Great and Terrible Day (October 2004)
Mary (December 2004)
The Apple and the Adoption (December 2004)
Gifts of the King (January 2005)
True Sacrifice (Jesus on the Way to the Cross, IV) (March 2005)
Resurrection Faith and Fear (March 2005 version)
Difficult People: Gotta Love 'Em (June 2005)
Lessons from a Father (June 2005)

An Abundance of Joy — Sourpuss Christians negate the Gospel; how can joyful worship lead us to a more joyous life? [January 2, 2005]

The Apple and the Adoption — An old English carol points us toward the reason God sent his Son to us. [Christmas Eve, December 24, 2004]

Back to the Basics — It's a good idea to return, once in a while, to an examination of the basics of the Christian gospel, with some coaching from the Apostle Paul. [1995]

Baptized into His Death — Baptism might have different meanings for each of us, depending on our stage in life and our journey of faith. [January 30, 2005]

Being Shrewd About the Kingdom — In the parable of the dishonest manager, Jesus conveys to us how much the kingdom of God is worth. [September 19, 2004]

Charge to the Congregation — Congregations receiving a new pastor need to heed the warning of Israel's wilderness wanderings: If we do what they did, we'll stay where they stayed. [August 28, 2005]

Charge to the Pastor — The Apostle Paul lists some essential "bullet points" for pastors beginning their ministry in the local church. [October 12, 2003]

The Courage to Confess — Lent is a sober season, when we confess our sins — but confession has another meaning in the Bible that offers the answer to sin. [Ash Wednesday, February 9, 2005]

Creed of Our Hope — The Apostles' Creed guides us into a deeper understanding of the hope we have in the Holy Trinity — God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. [Trinity Sunday, May 22, 2005]

Difficult People: Gotta Love 'Em! — Six principles for dealing with people who give you trouble. [June 12, 2005]

Faithful to the Faithful One — Rather than being preoccupied with our own faith, we might do well to consider the faithfulness of the Lord. [October 10, 2004]

Fruit of the Spirit — What the Holy Spirit brings forth in us, based on Paul's list in Galatians 5:22-23. [June 27, 2004]

The Geography of Salvation — Sometimes when the Bible describes God's coming to save us, it sounds like a page from an atlas. [December 12, 2004]

Getting It Right This Time — At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit reversed what the Lord had to do at the tower of Babel. [Pentecost, May 15, 2005]

Gifts of the King — The Magi offered gifts to the newborn King symbolic of who he is, but the King's own gifts to us surpass them. [January 9, 2005]

God Shines Forth — How did the God "shine forth" in the worship of the Psalms, and how does he "shine forth" in our worship today? [August 8, 2004]

God's Christmas Gift — Sermon by Dr. R. D. Leonard (1901-1976). Which day is more important in the church year — Easter or Christmas? How does Christmas address the predicament of human sin? [November 28, 1976]

The Gospel in Proverbs — The Book of Proverbs looks like a loose collection of wise sayings, but there's a principle behind it — a principle that is indeed “good news.” [April 29, 2012]

The Great and Terrible Day — When we meet God's judgments in our lives, it's time to call out to him in repentance. [October 24, 2004]

“Head Over All Things for the Church” — Christ's headship over all things has implications for the scope of the church's concern for, and involvement in, its surrounding culture. [August 31, 2012]

Humility and Exaltation — Exalting yourself never works, because it's a sign that you really don't think much of yourself. [August 29, 2004]

Increase Our Faith — Having enough faith can be a struggle — till we take the focus off ourselves! [October 3, 2004]

Jesus on the Way to the Cross, I: True Worship — In his dialogue with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus raises the issue of our real priorities. [February 27, 2005]

Jesus on the Way to the Cross, II: True Authority — Jesus explains that we have more authority, not less, when we're submitted to a higher Authority. [March 6, 2005]

Jesus on the Way to the Cross, III: True Insight — Jesus gave sight to a man born blind, and from the story we learn how he gives us insight into ourselves, others, and who Jesus truly is. [March 13, 2005]

Jesus on the Way to the Cross, IV: True Sacrifice — Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem is framed in his teaching about the sacrifice both he and his followers are called upon to make. [Palm Sunday, March 20, 2005]

Jesus Opens the Scriptures — We may revere the Bible and think we understand it, but only the risen Jesus can open our minds to its true meaning for our lives. [April 3, 2005]

Jesus, the Word — Jesus is called "the Word" in the writings of the apostle John. How do we understand the Word as the source of knowledge and the basis for reality? [December 15, 2013]

Known in the Breaking of Bread — What do the different terms for Holy Communion imply, and how is Jesus present to us in this ordinance? [September 5, 2004]

Lessons from a Father — The story of Caleb, a father in Israel, has some valuable lessons for dads — and for all of us. [June 19, 2005]

Living in the Heavenly City — The city of God isn't someplace we'll go to; if we know the Lord, we're living in it now. [August 22, 2004]

Looking Beyond the Light Line — The Transfiguration of Jesus is a window into eternity, a glimpse beyond the "light line" into dimensions beyond our ordinary four. [February 19, 2012]

The Lord's Song in a Strange Land — Scripture passages that seem to be quite unrelated turn out to have a common thread: our commitment to serve the Lord in a culture hostile to our faith. [October 11, 2003]

Mary — When Mary said, "I am the Lord's servant," did she understand how her son's story would be viewed from the perspective of heaven? [December 19, 2004]

A New Perspective on Galatians — The work of several scholars during recent decades offers some new insights into Paul's teaching, particularly in his Letter to the Galatians. [July 4, 2010]

The Parallel Universe of Praise — Worship takes us into another realm where we're able to see the Lord's victory over those things make us resentful and full of bitterness. [October 22, 2006]

A Pattern for Progress — All we know about Jesus' life, from age 12 till he began to preach, is summed up in one verse that provides a pattern for Christian maturity. [January 16, 2005]

Peace in Our Midst — If our world is to know peace, it must begin in God's "holy mountain": the church of Jesus Christ. [December 5, 2004]

Praying Against Our Enemies! — Some of the Psalms appear bitter, and heap curses upon the speaker's enemies. Can Christians still pray these Psalms? [July 15, 2012]

Pre-Foundational Principles — The Bible mentions several realities existing "before the foundation of the world" that establish the fundamental principles for Christian faith and life. [September 11, 1988]

Pressing Toward the Resurrection — We are raised from death through Jesus' resurrection. So how can Paul urge us to "press on" to attain the resurrection? [April 24, 2005]

Psalm 100: Paradigm of Praise — The well-known 100th Psalm presents both a double invitation to the worship of God, and the reasons for praising him. [April 13, 2014]

Resurrection Fear — Our Lord's victory over death fills us with hope and joy, but the Gospel story suggests there's another side to resurrection. [Easter, April 4, 2010; revised from March 27, 2005]

Security Blankets — Do we tend to hang onto familiar behavior because we feel secure, even if that behavior keeps us from being the people God wants us to be? [April 2, 1995]

The Supper at Bethany — We can misunderstand the “signs” Jesus performs if we interpret them through our culture’s priorities. To see what God is doing in Christ, we need to get beneath the surface of the story. [March 21, 2010]

Survivors of the Cross — An incident in the autobiography of Josephus, the ancient Jewish historian, raises an interesting question: Is there a sense in which Christians are “survivors of the cross?” [April 6, 2014]

Ten Things God Is Doing in Your Life — Sometimes, when it seems that God isn’t answering our prayers, we forget the broad scope of his activity in our life. [October 19, 2014]

The Three Baptisms — We’re familiar with water baptism and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. But Scripture tells of a third baptism — the baptism of suffering. [June 5, 2005]

The Three Temptations — Entering into the story of Jesus' pathway toward the cross, we find we face the same temptations he did. [February 13, 2005]

Time to Turn Around — When we realize that our lives are headed in the wrong direction, the smart thing is admit our mistake and turn around. [May 1, 2005]

Times of Refreshing — What's the New Testament really all about? It's about restoration — of the creation, of the church, and of each individual believer. [September 23, 2007]

Trusting for Life — Jesus Christ "brought life and immortality to light through the gospel." It's only through trusting ourselves to him that we can obtain thre same life. [September 27, 2009]

Up, But Not Away — In his Ascension, Jesus Christ is declared to be the Ruler of all things, and from his exalted place he gives his church gifts for ministry and witness. [Sunday after Ascension, May 8, 2005]

The Victory Cross — On the cross, Christ defeated those forces that pressure us into a self-centered and unhappy life. [July 25, 2004]

Was the First Cristmas Really So Heavenly? — Our traditional images of Christmas don’t always reflect the difficult world into which the Messiah was born. [Christmas Eve, December 24, 2017]

Water into Wine — An imaginary Bible character gives his first-person account of Jesus' first miracle. [January 23, 2005]

The Way of the Righteous (Exegesis of Psalm 1) — The first psalm lays out a stark contrast between the righteous and the ungodly as to their their delight, their dependability, and their destiny. [March 13, 1983]

We Are Not Alone — God's long-range plan involves not only believers living today, but the saints who have gone before and those who follow. [November 7, 2004]

What Do You Do When God Isn’t There? — When difficulties arise it’s easy to imagine God has deserted us. Even the people who wrote the Bible had to cope with this feeling. [August 28, 1988]

When Life Is Transfigured — Exploring the meaning of Jesus' transfiguration can lead us toward the transformation of our lives, as well. [February 6, 2005]

When You Don't Have a Prayer — In the Lord's Prayer, Jesus teaches us about the purpose of prayer, encourages persistence in prayer, and gives us a pattern for prayer. [August 1, 2004]