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A Sensible Approach to Christian Truth

Books to Which LAUDEMONT MINISTRIES Contributed

The Complete Library of Christian Worship

Laudemont Ministries took part in the creation of this monumental reference work on the history, theology and practice of Christian worship, edited by the late Dr. Robert E. Webber. Volume 1, The Biblical Foundations of Christian WorshipDr. Richard Leonard, president of Laudemont Ministries, served as Scripture Editor and contributing author. The late Janice Leonard was also a contributor and editor. Much of Laudemont Ministries' work is in Volume I, The Biblical Foundations of Christian Worship, but the ministry edited or created material in other volumes as well. (See the list of entries below.)

Dr. Webber, the General Editor, stated: "More than ten years of exhaustive research have gone into the development of a comprehensive resource for the worshiping church, The Complete Library of Christian Worship. It features materials from thousands of books and other resources on the subject of worship and original articles from over 600 scholars and church leaders, including representatives from every Christian denomination as well as many seminaries and institutions of higher learning."

The Complete Library of Christian Worship was originally issued by Abbott Martyn Press (Star Song Publishing Group). Hendrickson Publishers subsequently acquired the rights to the hard-cover edition.

A Seven-Volume Set

Vol. I — The Biblical Foundations of Christian Worship
Vol. II — Twenty Centuries of Christian Worship
Vol. III — The Renewal of Sunday Worship
Vol. IV — Music and the Arts in Christian Worship (books 1 and 2)
Vol. V — The Services of the Christian Year
Vol. VI — The Sacred Actions of Christian Worship
Vol. VII — The Ministries of Christian Worship>

Entries contributed by Laudemont Ministries include:


Old Testament Vocabulary of Worship
New Testament Vocabulary of Worship
Names of God in Worship
Symbolism in Biblical Worship
The Concept of Covenant in Biblical Worship
Sacrifice in Biblical Worship
The Numinous Aspect of Biblical Worship
The Tabernacle of David
Features of Davidic Worship
The Church as an Institution of Worship (first part)
Leadership in Biblical Worship (first part)
Biblical Foundations of Christian Festivals
Biblical Philosophy of the Worship Arts
Musical Instruments in Scripture
Psalms in Biblical Worship
Spirit Baptism in the New Testament
Anointing with Oil
Worship as Spiritual Warfare
Acts of Entrance in Traditional Worship (first part)
Creed (Affirmation of Faith)
Prayers of Intercession
Confession of Sin

Acts of Receiving
Benediction (Blessing)
The Lord's Supper as Covenant Meal


Recovering the Gifts of the Laity
Toward a Biblical Psychology of Worship


Worship Renewal: Charismatic Churches
Models of Renewing Worship: Charismatic Worship
Models of Renewing Worship: Evangelical Worship


Child Dedication
A Brief History of Jubilation (reworking by Janice E.
     Leonard and Richard C. Leonard)


Historical Origins and Development of Anointing the
     Sick with Oil


Worship and Related Ministries: Congregational Churches

How to Obtain The Complete Library of Christian Worship

These volumes are now out of print, but can be obtained used from several sources listed here.

Praise and Worship Study Bible

Praise and Worship Study BibleLaudemont Ministries was significantly involved in the creation of this unique study Bible issued in 1997 by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. The Praise and Worship Study Bible leads the reader through the Scriptures with a special focus on worship: God's plan and purpose for worship, the worship associations of individual biblical books, and the biblical origins of the Christian year. The Scripture text is Tyndale's New Living Translation.

Features of the Praise and Worship Study Bible:

  • Introductory material establishing the Bible's worship focus
  • Book introductions explaining how each part of Scripture impacts our understanding of worship
  • Traditional prayers of the church and of historic figures in Christian history
  • Profiles of outstanding biblical worshipers
  • Favorite hymns and worship choruses with helpful background information
  • Symbols used in Christian tradition and worship
  • Notes bringing out the character of God as expressed in specific verses of Scripture
  • Charts on worship-related subjects, including names for Jesus, festivals, musical instruments, worship gestures, the Christian year and the fourfold pattern of worship.

Dr. Richard Leonard, President of Laudemont Ministries, served as one of three reviewing editors. He also wrote the general introduction, "The Way of Worship Through the Scriptures," and the introductions to many of the biblical books including Genesis, Ezra, Psalms, Song of Songs, Isaiah, Daniel, Zechariah, Matthew, Luke, Romans, Philippians, 2 Peter and Revelation. The late Janice Leonard contributed some of the worship profiles, including those for Mary and Hannah.

How to obtain the Praise and Worship Study Bible:

The Praise and Worship Study Bible has been out of print since 2005. Used copies may be available through or other sources.

The One Year Book of Bible Prayers

The One Year Book of Bible PrayersDr. Richard Leonard of Laudemont Ministries contributed to the One Year Book of Bible Prayers, released in 2000 by Tyndale House Publishers. A prayer passage from the Scriptures is provided for each day of the year, along with a brief commentary and a "starter" prayer for personal devotions. A topical index helps the reader find prayers for many of life's occasions. Scripture text is from the New Living Translation. To purchase this book, visit your local Christian book store. The One Year Book of Bible Prayers is out of print, but used copies may be available through or other sources.

Here is the comment for April 27, written by Dr. Leonard. The Scripture text is 2 Corinthians 2:14.

Ancient Roman generals, returning from a victory in a distant land, would parade down the main streets with the spoils of battle — including a throng of captives. In this prayer of thanksgiving, Paul uses this image of a triumphal procession to thank Christ for defeating the evil forces of this world. Interestingly, Paul identifies believers as Christ's captives. We were once part of Satan's army, but Jesus has taken us captive. As such, our transformed lives clearly proclaim Christ's great victory. But unlike the captives of Roman conquerors, we aren't destined to be sold into demeaning servitude. Instead, Christ has freed us from our old evil master to become his adopted sons and daughters. Thank God, today, that you are included in Christ's victory parade.

"Thanks be to you, my God, who made me your captive in Christ's triumphal procession . . .."